BIOCARE® since 1988

BioCare range is valued for its emphasis on presenting nutrients in their most bio-available forms, using unique manufacturing processes that mean they are suitable for people who are highly sensitive or have food allergies and intolerances. Our range includes the most potent, science-backed and trusted: Probiotics Digestive and antioxidant enzymes, Vitamins and minerals including liquid formulations, Micellised fat-soluble nutrients & Specialist combinations.

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5-HTP 50mg (60 capsules)

£18.05 (GBP)
£15.44 (GBP)

Acidophilus Powder (60g)

£22.00 (GBP)
£18.81 (GBP)

AD 206 (60 capsules)

£11.10 (GBP)
£9.49 (GBP)

Amino Plex (90 capsules)

£26.15 (GBP)
£22.36 (GBP)

Ante-Natal Forte (60 capsules)

£15.95 (GBP)
£13.64 (GBP)

Antioxidant Complex (90 capsules)

£35.75 (GBP)
£30.57 (GBP)

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