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Bio-Kult Infantis (16 Sachets)

$11.95 (USD)
$10.76 (USD)

DinoDophilus - Probiotic (60 chewables- black cherry)

Solaray DinoDophilus is a combination of 2 billion* important intestinal flora intended to provide nutritive support for a child's delicate digestive system. Changes in diet can cause digestive upset. This blend of L. acidophilus, B.bifidum and L. bulgaricus has been formulated to meet the specific needs of such changes and to support your child's health.
$9.99 (USD)
$8.99 (USD)

For babies & children (30 sachets)

$16.35 (USD)
$15.53 (USD)

Insides Spray (15ml)

Gem Horizon Insides Spray 15ml: A combination of 6 buds targeted to provide complete support to the digestive system.Insides encourages all digestive functions, whilst helping a wide range of digestive...
$15.99 (USD)
$15.19 (USD)

UltraCare for Kids (Vanilla) 700g (23 Servings)

Low Allergy Metabolic Food for Children with Special Nutritional Needs
$32.95 (USD)

ABC Dophilus Powder (50g)

$17.40 (USD)
$15.66 (USD)

Animal Parade Tummy Zyme (90 tablets)

$19.95 (USD)
$17.96 (USD)

Bubble-B-Gone (30ml)

$7.49 (USD)
$6.74 (USD)

Califig Syrup (55ml)

$4.49 (USD)
$4.27 (USD)

Children's OmegaBerry (150ml)

$12.35 (USD)
$10.56 (USD)

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