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Picture of MorDHA Vision (60 softgels)

MorDHA Vision (60 softgels)

Natural support for the eyes to retain good and healthy vision.
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Manufacturer: Minami Nutrition
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MorDHA Vision contains highly concentrated deep-sea fish oil, enriched with 100% natural plant extracts:

*lutein from the Indian rose

*zeaxanthine from paprika

*bilberry and carrot extract.

Bilberry & omega 3 fatty acid DHA, contributes to the maintenance of normal vision, this with a minimum daily intake of 250mg DHA.


*Deep-sea fish oil concentrate (from achovy, sardine & mackrel)
*fish gelatine
*humectant: glycerol
*stabilser: mono- and diglycerides
*lutein concentrate from the Indian rose (Tagetes erecta L)
*bilberry extract (Vaccinium myrtillus L)
*natural orange flavour
*zeaxanthin concentrate from paprika (Capsicum annuum L)
*emuslifier: sunflower lecithin, carrot extract (Daucus carota L)
*colour: iron oxide
*antioxidant: Miradoxan (a mix of rosemary and tocopherol rich extract).