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Picture of Ginseng Extract (30g)

Ginseng Extract (30g)

Manufacturer: Forever Young
Old price: $33.00 (CAD)
Price: $31.35 (CAD)

Il Hwa Ginseng Extract is made from 100% pure ginseng liquid which is extracted from A grade, six year old Korean Red Ginseng. Ginseng extract is particularly popular due to its extraordinary high mineral content. Furthermore, Il Hwa's unique 'low temperature vacuum extraction method' ensures that all active ingredients and nutrients are preserved – the effectiveness of the active ingredients will not diminish even after many years of storage.

Taking extract is the most popular and effective way of consuming ginseng and is highly recommended for the prevention and treatment support of various diseases. It is also recommended as a general health tonic to promote longevity.

Product Details
- net weight of 30g
- small spoon included
- price depends on stockist
- recommended dosage: two cups a day