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Picture of B-Slenda (40 tablets)

B-Slenda (40 tablets)

Manufacturer: Pharma Nord
Old price: ¥19.95 (CNY)
Price: ¥17.96 (CNY)

What is B-Slenda?
B-Slenda is a certified medical device. B-Slenda is the improved new generation of fibrous products where the focus has been the fiber's ability to bind fat. This has resulted in fibers with fast resolution and optimized fat binding. B-Slenda consists of tablets made of water soluble polymer similar to cellulose, extracted from the exoskeleton of crustaceans that inhabit the cold and clean waters surrounding Iceland.

B-Slenda dissolves fast and is also fast acting. Laboratory analyses shows that the raw material used  in B-Slenda is able to absorb 20-25 g of fat per tablet. In this way it reduces calorie absorption. B-Slenda tablets binds only fat, not protein, sugar, carbohydrates or alcohol. B-Slenda belongs to the group of soluble fiber and is designed to bind fat in the instetine. B-Slenda are tablets made from the raw material FibrePrecise derived from water-soluble polymers (beta-1.4-D-glucosamine and beta-1.4-acetyl-glucosamine) similar to cellulose, derived from parts of the crustaceans that inhabit the cold and clean waters around Iceland.

B-Slenda serves as supporting treatment against overweight, as aid in weight control and for reduction of cholesterol, including LDL values. B-Slenda is manufactured under strictly controlled conditions and complies with all relevant quality requirements.

What does B-Slenda do?
Fat contains more energy per gram than carbohydrates and protein, and  energy  that is not burned is stored as body fat. Therefore, fat is an obvious place to cut if you want a lower calorie intake.

The ?fat magnet?
B-Slenda reduces fat, LDL cholesterol, and triglycerides in the body in several ways.  First, B-Slenda is a kind of a "fat magnet". The fiber content in B-Slenda is slightly positively charged and the fatty acids in the food are slightly negatively charged. This is a key element to why B-Slenda have a higher fat binding capacity than other fibers. B-Slenda can absorb many times its own weight in fat from the intestine.

The natural, active ingredients in B-Slenda reduces fat and cholesterol in the blood by absorption of unbound fats in the instetine. A mass of fluid gel is formed, which practically catches the dietary fat, surrounding the fat droplets. The gel is then excreted with the stool and will not contribute to your waist line.

Bile reducing
The active ingredients in B-Slenda will also bind in a physical / chemical way the majority of bile acids in the digestive tract, thus reabsorbtion of bile acid from the intestine is reduced. The bound bile acid is thereby eliminated naturally. The body compensates for the loss of bile acids by forming some new. This is done by conversion of cholesterol.  As a consequence blood levels of LDL cholesterol and triglycerides are lowered, but HDL  cholesterol (the good one) rises.

B-Slenda is suitable for

  • Reducing obesity as part of a calorie-controlled diet
  • Controlling weight alongside fat-standardised food and drink diet
  • Reducing absorption of cholesterol from your food and drink

How to take B-Slenda
Taken with a large glass of water the active ingredients in B-Slenda swells up in the intestine and absorb fat from the food present. The mass of fiber and fat are not digested, but is slightly satiating.

You can enhance the effect of B-Slenda by moving around regularly and eating a balanced diet with fewer calories and less sugar.

How much B-Slenda  should you take?
Take B-Slenda with one or two main courses a day as part of a calorie-restricted diet:
To keep your weight stable: Take 2-3 tablets 30 minutes before one main course of the day with a large glass of water (250 ml)
If you want to loose weight: Take 2-3 tablets daily 30 minutes before or at the beginning of two main courses of the day with a large glass of water (250 ml)

If you have crustaceans allergies
B-Slenda is clinically well tolerated. Original proteins are removed from the raw material during processing providing documentation that even people hyper-allergic to shellfish, have had no allergic reaction. However, it is necessary to mention a potentially allergic reaction to the TABLET is possible (if allergic to shellfish).

Superior quality
Each batch is tested for its fat binding capacity, which means that the tablet goes through analysis, measuring actual fat absorption before released for packing.
B-Slenda meets the highest standards of purity. This product has no odor or flavor. It is low-allergenic and does contain antibiotic residues or other contaminants. The reason why B-Slender have such a high degree of purity is that the raw material does not originate from farmed prawns. However, the raw material comes from the shells of feshly caught deep sea prawns from Icelandic fishing grounds virtually free from pollution and then using a unique processing technology the material is cleaned. The level of absence of heavy metals and other contaminants are confirmed at release of every batch. This is the basic for the superior raw material: FiberPrecise.

Full tracebility
The efficacy and quality of B-Slenda is carefully monitored and controlled before and during production. There is thus full tracebility from catching to final processing.
TÚN certified (EU standard) production. Certification for organic and sustainable production ? and ressource utilization.

About Pharma-Nord B-Slenda
Each tablet of Pharma-Nord B-Slanda contains 500 mg of FibrePrecise. Pharma Nord recommends 2 to 6 tablets daily depending on the purpose. B Slenda is manufactured in Denmark in accordance with ISO 13485.