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Picture of Triple Flu Defense (2012-2013) (30ml)

Triple Flu Defense (2012-2013) (30ml)

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Triple Flu Defense has 3 essential components to combat the flu-virus. The formula contains influenzinum, a homeopathic preparation that has been proven in helping to ward off viral infections. Added to this is a select blend of homeopathic remedies to target the 2012-2013 viruses. The third component strengthens the immune system which is necessary to fight off the many viruses anticipated this season.

Many natural formulas take either a single approach or "kitchen sink"approach which leaves many cases vulnerable. Triple Flu Defense is a targeted combination formula based on the most current data on viruses ensuring maximum effectiveness.

Triple Flu Defence is a natural choice for the entire family and is free from drug interactions or any side effects.

Dosage: Use 20 drops once a week for preventative purposes. Should the need arise, use 20 drops three times a day until full recovery.