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Picture of B-Vital (30 tablets)

B-Vital (30 tablets)

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Manufacturer: Higher Nature
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• Packed with nutrients to support a demanding and busy lifestyle
• Full powerful B complex formulation to maintain optimum energy levels
• Also contains three types of Ginseng to invigorate the body
• Especially supportive if taken in the morning with breakfast
• Has added Vitamin C for a healthy immune system
• Not advisable if pregnant, breastfeeding or taking warfarin


One tablet typically provides: 200mg Vitamin C; 25mg Vitamin B1; 16.67mg Vitamin B2; 25mg Niacin; 50mg Pantothenic acid; 16.67mg Vitamin B6; 50µg Folic acid; 50µg Vitamin B12; 25µg Biotin; 50mg Siberian Ginseng; 20mg American Ginseng; 20mg Korean Ginseng.


Take 1-3 tablets a day, with meals (children over 5 years, 1 tablet a day).