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Picture of Argan Oil Hair Restorer (120ml)

Argan Oil Hair Restorer (120ml)

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Manufacturer: House of Argan
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House of Argan Hair Restorer Oil is a premium quality product that is a 100% natural. Moroccan women are renown for their beautiful hair and have been using these oils for centuries to
• Nourish, hydrate & protect
• Stimulate scalp circulation
• Restore damaged hair, damaged by hair coloring, UV and pollution
• Prevent & mend split ends. 

House of Argan Hair restorer oil is a unique, highly effective blend: Based on pure cosmetic Argan oil, rich in vitamin E and F.
The Argan and Jojoba oils nourish, give tonic and shine to the hair. The essential oils such as coconut and avocado, are astringent and antiseptic for a healthy scalp. Unlike Moroccan oil, this product is 80% Argan oil.