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Picture of Silicea Hair,Skin & Nails (30 capsules)

Silicea Hair,Skin & Nails (30 capsules)

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Manufacturer: Hubner
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Hair, Skin & Nails


Also called silica, silicon is the second most abundant element on the planet (oxygen is the first). It is necessary for the formation of collagen for bones and connective tissues and for healthy nails, skin and hair. Silicon also supports the major blood vessels and thymus gland. It stimulates the immune system and inhibits the ageing process in tissues. Silicon levels decrease with age.Signs of silicon deficiency: Muscle cramps, irritability, poor skin tone, bone problems and insomnia.


420mg colloidal silica capsule corresponding to 196mg silicon.Capsule shell made of HPMC (Hydroxpropylmethyl cellulose)


One capsule daily with a large glass of water..

Not recommended whilst pregnant or breast feeding or whilst suffering severe kidney disease.