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Picture of Nature's Biotics 400mg (60 capsules)

Nature's Biotics 400mg (60 capsules)

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The Missing Link to Modern Health


Kiki Ltd are the sole importer of Nature's Biotics to the UK.

Nature's Biotics is a soil based probiotic formula that will help ease bowel related problems and support a poor functioning immune system.

This unique product has the ability to reduce toxins in your digestive system, restore friendly bacteria and may also stimulate your body to produce essential nutritive elements to support and maintain immune function at the highest possible level.

Specific functions and actions of Nature's Biotics:

  • Nature's Biotics work from the inside of the intestines out, dislodging accumulated decay from the walls and flushes the waste out normally.
  • Nature's Biotics breaks down Hydrocarbons-a unique ability to split food in to its most basic elements, allowing almost total absorption through the digestive system. This dramatically increases overall nutrition.
  • Nature's Biotics produces specific proteins that act as antigens, which then support responses that support the immune system. Our immune system is our only protection against disease and illness.
  • Nature's Biotics acts against pathological moulds, yeast and fungi.
  • Nature's Biotics works in symbiosis with somatic (tissue and organ) cells to metabolise proteins, and help eliminate toxic wastes.

What do probiotics do?

Probiotics inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, restore friendly bacteria, promote good digestion, support immune function and increase resistance to infection.

Healthy human intestines contain billions of microorganisms (bacteria) good and bad. Probitotics provide the good bacteria that synthesize the B-complex vitamins and crowd out yeast and parasites.

Probiotic bacteria also produce substances called bacteriocins, which act as natural antibiotics to kill undesirable microorganisms.

How does Natures Biotics work?

Picture a long tube that moves the food we eat through the mouth, oesophagus, stomach, small and large intestines. Using enzymes and other chemicals made by the body (like hydrochloric acid and bile), our gastrointestinal tract breaks down the carbohydrates, fats and protein in food to absorbable nutrients and then discards the waste through normal elimination.

Good health is impossible without proper digestion. Only through the proper breakdown of food comes proper absorption of necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

The SBO's and "friendly bacteria" supplied in Nature's Biotics literally steer your digestive system towards proper absorption, thereby dramatically increasing your body's ability to stay healthy from the inside. Taking Nature's Biotics daily, along with maintaining a healthy diet made up of fresh organic foods, can give your body the nutritional support necessary for cellular repair and continued healthy cell function, fending off the effects of aging.

How does Natures Biotics differ from other probiotics?

The Soil Based Organisms (SBOs) in Natures Biotics (NB's) are formulated to function in any colonic situation. SBO's have no problem getting through destructive stomach acids and unlike other supplements have no difficulty implanting in ph imbalanced colons that are quite often infested with harmful bacteria.

Many probiotics contain live cultures that are temperature and age sensitive. To control this temperature and age degradation, refrigerating is essential. The SBO's in Natures Biotics are in a dormant state until the capsules are activated by fluids, therefore no refrigeration is required.

Contrary to many supplements on the market that measure their potency in CFU, (colony forming units) NB's priorities lie with the quality of the CFU and not the quantity. The unique formula in NB's is not only designed to resist heat and temperature changes. It is also averse to stomach acid, fluorine, ascorbic acid and bile.

Other brands may not pass the same test and therefore fail at doing their job in your body.

What are the exact ingredients in Natures Biotics?

Lactobacillus, Acidophilus, Bifidobacterium, Bifidum, Bacillus, Lichenformis, Bacillus Subtillis, Lactobacillus Lactis Bulgaricus, symbiotized in a SBO (soil based organisms) host medium of mineral trace elements

Nature's Biotics contains NO salt, sugar, yeast, artificial colour, preservatives, chemical solvents, artificial additives or fillers of any kind.

What other nutrients are in Natures Biotics?

Nature's Biotics contains at least 61 nutrients:-including naturally occurring phytoplankton's, amino acids, a wide range of vitamins and minerals, an important variety of anti-oxidants, proteolyic enzymes, and an array of nucleic acids.

These are vitally important keepers of the code of life which appears to be in charge of growth and continuous cell repair. Natures Biotics also contains SOD (Superoxide Dismutases), highly digestible proteins which include a collection of pigments and enzymes. The product also contains mineral, trace elements, vital starches and essential fatty acids.

How do you take them?

Week 1: Take one capsule a day, 30 minutes before food with juice or pure water. (1 per day)

Week 2: Take one capsule twice a day (2 per day)

Week 3: Take one capsule three times a day (3 per day)

If required increase by one capsule per week up to a maximum of six capsules per day in week six.

Maintain six capsules per day for 6 months or longer, and then reduce to an average of 2 - 3 capsules per day.

We recommend that children use the special Children's Nature's Biotics.