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Picture of Pure Synergy Powder (354g)

Pure Synergy Powder (354g)

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Manufacturer: The Synergy Company
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The Ultimate Superfood Formula

Pure Synergy is a remarkable nutritional supplement for your vitality, health, and total well-being blending Nature's finest and most potent superfoods - algaes and organic green juices, freeze dried herbs, oriental therapeutic mushrooms, plant enzymes and phytonutrients, and natural antioxidants.

It took Pure Synergy's creator, Mitchell May, 15 years to research and refine the formula and to satisfy himself that not only are the ingredients of the highest quality, integrity and potency, but that they all work together in a synergistic way to enhance total well-being.


The supplement leading clinic and nutritional therapists choose.

Pure Synergy is the most advanced supplement available today. Certainly, there are cheaper combination formulas but so far none offer the same deep cellular nourishment or the same integrity of ingredients. Which is why Pure Synergy is chosen by leading London clinics and nutritional centres for their clients.


Pure Synergy ingredients are organically grown or wildcrafted, seasonally harvested, fresh freeze-dried/ cold dried or cold ground, tested over 200 times for purity and packaged in recyclable glass.

Pure Synergy contains:

* Algaes - the world's richest source of essential nutrients
* Phytonutrients - a concentrated source of crucial antioxidants
* Enzymes to aid digestion and to maximise Pure Synergy's effectiveness
* Chinese herbs to restore our Chi - our life-force energy
* Asian Mushrooms for their health preserving and life-extending power
* Green juices for protein, enzymes, minerals, vitamins and nature's wonder - Chlorophyll
* Western herbs to restore natural balance and well-being
* Natural Antioxidants to ensure your bottle of Pure Synergy stays fresh after opening