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Natural Skin Care Products with Organic Ingredients: Natural Face Care, Natural Body Care, Natural Make-up and Natural Bath Care

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Deo Floral (Roll-On) (50 ml)

nurturing and long-lasting
¥12.00 (CNY)

Eye Contour Day Balm (10 ml)

soothes, nurtures and protects
¥29.00 (CNY)

Eye Solace (10 x 5 ml)

refreshing compresses soothe tired eyes
¥22.00 (CNY)

Facial Steam Bath (100 ml)

prepares skin for deep cleansing
¥24.00 (CNY)

Facial Toner (100 ml)

enlivens and fortifies
¥24.00 (CNY)

Firming Mask (30 ml)

visibly minimises fine lines and wrinkles
¥38.00 (CNY)

Hand Cream (50 ml)

nourishes, renews and protects
¥12.50 (CNY)

Intensive Treatment 04 (40 ml)

specialised care for mature skin
¥66.50 (CNY)

Intensive Treatment 05 (40 ml)

specialised care for skin during menopause
¥66.50 (CNY)

Jojoba and Marshmallow Conditioner (250 ml)

smoothes and hydrates
¥15.00 (CNY)

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