SOLGARâ„¢ since 1947

Since Solgar was founded in 1947, each and every Solgar supplement represents our commitment to quality, innovation and integrity.

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Acetyl-L-Carnitine 250mg (30 capsules)

HK$28.95 (HKD)
HK$26.06 (HKD)

Advanced 40+ Acidophilus (120 capsules)

HK$25.40 (HKD)
HK$22.86 (HKD)

Advanced 40+ Acidophilus (60 capsules)

HK$15.95 (HKD)
HK$14.36 (HKD)

Advanced Acidophilus (100 capsules)

HK$14.10 (HKD)
HK$12.96 (HKD)

Advanced Acidophilus (50 capsules)

HK$8.15 (HKD)
HK$7.34 (HKD)

Advanced Acidophilus Plus (120 capsules)

HK$17.80 (HKD)
HK$16.02 (HKD)

Advanced Acidophilus Plus (60 capsules)

HK$11.50 (HKD)
HK$10.35 (HKD)

Advanced Antioxidant Formula (120 capsules)

HK$39.70 (HKD)
HK$35.70 (HKD)

Advanced Antioxidant Formula (30 capsules)

HK$12.15 (HKD)
HK$10.94 (HKD)

Advanced Antioxidant Formula (60 capsules)

HK$21.30 (HKD)
HK$19.17 (HKD)

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