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Bromelain (30 capsules)

$6.95 (CAD)
$5.95 (CAD)

Bromelain (90 capsules)

$9.95 (CAD)
$8.51 (CAD)

CandiBactin (60 Caps)

CandiBactin™ is a blend of concentrated essential oils and herbal extracts from the aromatic mint family.
$28.25 (CAD)

CandiSolve (60 Caps)

CandiSolve is a high strength enzyme formula with amylase, glucoamylase, cellulase, hemicellulase and protease.
$20.75 (CAD)

Caricol 20ml Stickpacks (20 sticks)

Organic Pureed Papaya.
$18.20 (CAD)

Cascara Sagrada - 400mg (60 vegan capsules)

Originating from the Pacific Coastal areas of North America Cascara was first used by the Native American Indians. It gives a gentle laxative effect and stimulates peristalsis improving overall digestion.
$7.49 (CAD)
$6.74 (CAD)

Chlorella (180 tablets)

$14.20 (CAD)
$12.14 (CAD)

Digestive Enzymes ( 21 VCaps - 21 Servings )

A complete blend of ten active plant-based enzymes, assisting the breakdown of fats, carbohydrates, proteins, sugars and fibre, aiding a healthy digestion and nutrient absorption.
$7.99 (CAD)
$7.19 (CAD)

Gall Plus (90 Tabs)

Ox Bile, Liver & Pancreas Concentrates with Lecithin
$15.74 (CAD)

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